Magical date

And even if it is,nothing magical happened other than that the Olympic Games started.
Yes, I did watch the opening and yes as I aspected it was fantastic. All the fireworks and all. Well they did bring out some ooh´s and aah´s from us all. Magical in some way.
Did you watch it?

Yesterday we started up a project that we have been talking about for ages but never found a solution good enough to work. Until a few days ago when all ideas fell into right places.
Sooo, first we have a before picture. A warning is needed though to the most sensetive persons:
Yes! I know it is not a pretty sight. But after working with it since yesterday afternoon until tonight, just a moment ago until I took the ”After” picture, well here is the result:
There are a few loose ends but you get the picture.
Dont you think its great?? We are soo pleased. It has been verymuch of sorting stuff, throwing away stuff, dusting and find solutions that we are completely exhausted.
Now, I think I will have a nice cup of tea and just relax.
Night, Night.

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