Early birthday

I celebrated a little in advance with my family. We had some Thaifood and to that we had some wine. For dessert we had a lovely French chocolate Cake, some chocolate cokies and coffee. Jummie!
I got theese wonderful sunroses from my MIL. They are my favorite flowers!! I also got some candlelights from my BIL and his family. I really loved them, they gave such a nice light. Sadly it isnt easy to show in a picture. The little ”lamp” is a candle holder too. So sweet!

Today it was mostly a sunny day. It didnt start to rain again until the afternoon and by then we had got all the clothes dry that we washed earlier. So great!! =D
Mostly today was a slow day, with just some grocery shopping for next week. Good to have it done.
See ya!!



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