Supermario or Supejmajjijjo…

This is a birthdaycard that I made for my sisters youngest son who looooves Mario.
Or Majjijjooo.
(Cutest ever. :))


For some reason I never came around to post it properly in January but here it is!
(Take no notice of my messy scraparea in theese pictures).


I had so much fun making this card. Ill have to admit that I do love Mario aswell. 🙂


Naturally I HAD to have a Popup Mario.
How else would he be able to fly up there in the Rainbowland? I would like to know! 😉


Warppipes, Piranha Flower…
Can you hear him shout out his: ”Wahaaaaa!” when he jumps out from the Warppipe?


I am so happy that you all come and visit me and even when I have hardly been posting at all!
Please leave a message so I can come visit you. 🙂

Until next time! Bye!

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One thought on “Supermario or Supejmajjijjo…

  1. Hej hej
    Vilket häftigt kort!! Så snyggt ihopsatt och snyggt när även bakgrunden även ger den äkta spelkänslan 🙂 Supersnyggt!



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