A mousetrap.

A mousetrap is, as you can hear from the name a trap to catch a mouse.
We have a cat who usually takes care of that matter so when I told my husband that I needed a mousetrap or three he looked very surprised.
I did, however  not need them for killing. Instead I had found a completely different use for it.

I altered my fist mousetrap and posted it on my blog as usually. You can see it here.
A while after I got a comment from one of the Inzpira Magazine team members that I should send something like that to the magazine.
I thought that maybe I should and didn’t think more about the matter.

I was very surprised when I got an e-mail asking if I could alter a mousetrap for the magazine and send it to them ASAP.
Of course I would do that!
I was very flattered naturally.
So there I was, sitting in the summer afternoon in the garden, enjoying a good book, a nice cup of coffee and completely stunned.
It had to be Christmas theme and I have to admit that I didn’t have any Christmas feeling at all.
However I had painted one trap that I was going to make later on for my MIL but I hadn’t figured out what theme yet. Luckily!
I thought that I needed a couple of days to make it but I got it done by the evening the same day. The next morning when everything had dried over night I sent it to the magazine.

This is the issue 5/12 the Christmas issue.


Here is a picture of the mousetrap outside the magazine.


Have a nice evening!



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