Centerstep card

Hi there,

Yesterday was such a cold and cloudy day and since the kids went to stay with their granny for a few days and hubby was working late I spent my afternoon and evening watching those DVDs that no one else in this family wants to see. 🙂

”The Holiday” with Cameron Diaz and Jude Law, ”The Ironlady” with the greatest of all actors Meryl Streep and ”In her shoes” also with Cameron Diaz.
Those kind of movies that makes you feel good.
Yes, even the ”The Ironlady” did that.

Today however I woke up to a wonderful sunny and warm day so I spent the whole morning in my garden in the sun reading ”A room full of bones” by Elly Griffiths. One of my favourite authors.
I got so carried away in my reading that I almost forgot all about my ”To do list” so after lunch I had to get going. Luckily I do tend to work fast when I need to so I got most of it done within two hours. I had to wait for my hubby before I could go on since I needed his help so what else could I do but to make me some coffee and get out in the sun and continue reading.

Well here’s todays card for you:


I have used som paper from a very old paperpad. Actually one of the first I bought in the beginning of my scrapbooking.
The colours does not come out right, they do actually match but for some reason the paper gets more blue in the pictures.


The also perfectly matching buttons are from my Granny’s millions of buttons that I got from her.
The text ”Grattis” means Congratulations and is Safmat that I have printed from my computer.

Heres another closeup with varied of flowers, mostly Prima roses.


Well that’s all for now. See you soon!

Thanx for stopping by!

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