Marilyn Monroe

Hi there.

I have survived yet another hot, hot, hot day. Been out crafting mostly in the shade but I had to cool of in the pool once or twice. It was unbelievable hot and suddenly the thunderstorm came. Not that it was any surprise since I had that feeling…
But no rain. That we need. Its so dry all over.

Well enough about the weather… 😉

A new tag for you:


I found this picture in my stash that I printed out for a card to my MIL who loves Marilyn Monroe. However I never came to use it and now when I was making this tag it just popped out with the rest of the tickets and things that I also have been collecting.
Isnt that fun when your creations almost create themselves.
I have used the TH die, again. Its my fave and I am so happy I did buy it. The stamp, that you partly see behind Marilyn is also a TH.


It is really hard to get the white things as in buttons, pearls and stuff come out. Since I still am taking my pictures with my mobile I cant expect any better I suppose.
I am sorry, I am lazy, I admit that. 😦


That’s all for now folks!

Hope to see you back soon!



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