Gone fishing with Magnolia.


The last days has been weather wise wonderful so I have spent every possible minute outdoors scrapping.
And I have had so much inspiration from my friends that have been visiting me the last two weeks.
And sitting in my favourite place scrapping doesn’t make it less inspirational.  🙂

Here is one of the cards that I made using Magnolias fish from the latest collection:


I used shrink plastic on the fish and  you can see the fish in the close up:
(Did I say that I looove using shrinkplastic? 😉 )


The anchor is a QK die that I have been longing to get my hands on but haven’t had that luck. Now I did have the chance to use one of my friends dies for that project.
The paper is, Im afraid from my stach and I have no idea what collection it comes from. However I loved the white ”splashes” since it made me think of the waves hitting the cliffs in a warm sunny day.

Today its Monday and I have my first day at work. Everything will be new to me since I will be in a new position and the fist task will be to work out a brand new kitchen in our new preschool. That means that I have absolutely no idea how my days will look like and what exactly I will be doing. And I absolutely love it!
Honestly I need the change right now. I want challenges and I promise I will get just that.
Luckily I have been starting up quite many kitchens from zero and I know exactly how much work it is. And how exhausting it is.
But the new experience is that I will have two colleagues this time. Feels nice not to have the whole burden on my shoulders.
And I am convinced we will have lots of fun doing it since one of the colleagues will be one of my dearest friends! 🙂 FINALLY we get to work together!

Have a nice day everyone and thanx for stopping by. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Gone fishing with Magnolia.

  1. Vilket fint kort och så söt fisken blev som krympis! 🙂

    Oj som jag vill ha krympisplast!! Fast jag har ju bestämt mig för att pyssla med det jag har hemma ju … *suckar lite lätt och himlar med ögonen* …

    Får se om det kanske dyker upp lite krympisplast här hemma framöver. Det är ju väldans användbart ju. Och jag ser massor med möjligheter till några kort som jag har på gång att göra. 😉



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